Drew Reed

Web Developer, Computer Programmer,SEO Expert,Wifi Bridge Installer

Name: Drew Reed

Profile: Full Stack PHP Developer

Email: sales@drew-reed.com

Phone: (734) 535-8954


PHP 85%
HTML 85%
CSS3 75%
SQL 80%
About me

I am owner/operator of Reed Dynamic. Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Everyday I gain experience in development of internet applications including PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I constantly build my repertoire of knowledge in the IT field. Since 2009 I have been creating websites to delight and inform the viewer. In 2010, I was hired in the field of IT and refined my methods of informing internet users.

I have been using technology to deliver information, in one form or another, for about a decade, with a career that started in E-Commerce Specialist and transitioned to the web programming. Through it all, I have always been on the lookout for the smartest way to get a job done; these days that means harnessing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create web applications. I have worked with a wide range of web-related tools—Unix systems, PHP, MySQL, Apache — but my geeky passion is building complex PHP web applications with rich experiences that adhere to best practices and emphasize modular, reusable, maintainable code.

I can get your website off to a good start, evaluate its current position or even give it a plan for the future. Providing clients with an unbiased approach to defining, developing and implementing solutions to meet their website needs. Whether you have an existing web site or are just starting out, you will get the information and analysis you need to succeed online. If you live in Northeast Ohio and Southeast Michigan we can meet and discuss your needs.

Trained with the latest software and knowledge of Web Design and WC3 Standards, I can create appealing and creative Web Design and web layout.


I can provide a full range of web services including design, development, marketing, strategy, Point to Point Bridge and IT support.

Web Design

In a constantly changing climate, we use the best-in-class technology and web applications that propel websites to peek performance at the top of the list.

Web Development

10+ years building complex web applications for various industries. I will build the design you've chosen and employ all the features you're looking for.

Web Hosting

Affordable website hosting locally based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our Turbo Servers provide up to 20X faster page loads than competing hosts.

Network Installation

Grow an existing computer network or start from scratch in offering quality materials paired with professional service at an affordable price.

Search Engines (SEO)

With over 10+ years experience executing local and national Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns that deliver continuously improving results.


Experience with Aerial Drone Photography, 360° Virtual Tours and Product Photography for various industries.








Professional web design and creative solutions that transcend industry and market borders. We find what makes you unique and helps you stand out from your competition. Build a better digital experience with us. We are an established professional web development company with a passion for strategy, design, and development for web, mobile and IT services.